KAB Wildlife Photography

If you read my about me page or blog article you'll know that I started art to record marine life around me, in the days before underwater digital cameras were readily available. This meant I interacted with my environment and recorded the species I saw and that inspired me. While I still use art in this way, I have now managed to purchase camera equipment to help me record in the natural world. I find life moves so quickly that I use photography to record a moment in time, so I can go back and look over the wild world much like I did with my early paintings.

I've been lucky enough to travel and I've kept my images fairly private, until now.  The only thing I take home from these trips are the photos I take. But now I'm so excited to share my favourite interactions described through my blog page. I also share some of my images on my photography social media pages: @kabwildphoto. 

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