Weird ‘n’ Punderful

Although there is nothing better than the smooth swish of a paintbrush across the page, I often use digital illustration to unwind in the evenings after work. There's no limit on the amount of paper I can use, the colours or the ideas I can put to paper (or screen I should say). I use digital illustration to make more quirky fun cartoon styled art, suitable for gifts or presents for my family and friends.

As a marine biologist I often found there wasn't any marine biology type cards out there. So of course I decided to make my own. I'm one of those people who loves a pun, I should have been called Rapunzel. Although the majority of these pieces are for family and friends, and I can't currently accept commissions while working full time, I do share my designs on thortful...


...thortful is a card website that excepts punny cute designs and if you want to purchase one of my cards you can find my profile here. 

Until I get more sales, thortful will only accept 5 card designs. So for the most up to date designs follow my Instagram page(below). 

Order my cards here